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LeadMD Prescribes Conversational Approach For Automation Adopters


LeadMD, a new marketing services company focused on organic lead generation was launched last week by Justin Gray. The former CEO & Founder of MaaS Impact, created LeadMD with the purpose of helping companies prepare for and leverage marketing automation technologies.

LeadMD’s services are focused on helping companies implement conversational marketing, enabling meaningful interactions based on rich content that educates the buyer and allows them to consume information at their own pace. Based on those interactions, and buyer personas that LeadMD works with clients to define, prospects can be engaged at their peak level of interest.

“No one knows they can't support Marketing Automation until they fail,” Gray said said. "Companies fail because they throw technology in as a fix-all, without understanding the cause of the problem. We want to pull back the curtain on demand generation success and demonstrate what’s possible though a unified sales and marketing process where marketing automation is truly the hub.”

LeadMD is primarily a services company focused on helping companies meet the challenges of lead generation, demand generation and sales & marketing alignment. With a large customer base in professional and financial services, LeadMD helps companies of all sizes prepare for the deployment of marketing automation tools and leverage those tools for maximum ROI. LeadMD is a trained Marketo reseller and black belt. The organization also has a strategic partnership with and administers CRM on behalf of a handful of clients.

“LeadMD provides a broad range of services to enable new clients to on-board quickly by bringing elements of the marketing mix online when using the powerful Marketo platform,” said Amy Guarino, Marketo ‘s VP of Business Development, in a press release. “By coupling web design, a demand generation background and salesforce consulting and administration, LeadMD helps overcome the resource constraints many organizations feel when re-tooling their marketing department around demand generation and lead management programs.”

LeadMD offers services focused on optimizing demand generation, buyer persona and role definition, content marketing development, lead nurturing and scoring implementation, and marketing automation, as well as landing page development and sales process monitoring and alignment.