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LeanData Aims To Simplify Account-Based Marketing

LeanData logoLeanData is an account-based lead management suite designed to support account-based marketing and target account selling initiatives.


The Account-Based Lead Management Suite is positioned to improve sales productivity, accelerate opportunities, and identify marketing’s contribution to revenue.

The suite’s tools and features include:

  • The Router, intended to automatically routes inbound and existing leads that match accounts directly to your (named) Account Executives, Account Managers, and sales development representatives (SDRs);
  • The View, which can give sales reps complete visibility into an account for quick follow ups and avoid miscommunication between sales reps working on the same account; and
  • The Converter, designed to remove the process of manually reviewing and processing leads by automatically converting leads into contacts in Salesforce.


The suite is salesforce compatible and available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Current Customers

Some of LeanData's current clients include: Marketo, Act-On Software, DoubleDutch and Elasticsearch.


Pricing is based on general size of the sales organization and number of applications deployed.

Competitive Positioning

Many B2B companies are trying to build similar functionality into by manually setting up custom rules, workflows, objects, and reports. Others use data intelligence tools to connect the dots. LeanData is positioned to help B2B organizations save IT time and company resources in a single suite.

For the marketing teams, LeanData can help identify and tag leads on whether or not they match to existing accounts to improve reporting across leads and contacts. The suite can also report leads from marketing campaigns that touch and influence sales opportunities.

Contact Information


111 West Evelyn Ave. Suite 106

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

408 827-LEAN (5326)