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Mintigo Offers Predictive Audience Platform Powered By AI

Mintigo is positioned to deliver data-driven customer insights and generate leads with high conversion rates. Marketers can use Mintigo Predictive Audience to enhance their account-based marketing (ABM) strategy, shorten sales cycles and drive revenue.


Mintigo Predictive Audience is an AI-powered ABM solution that is designed for seamless integration with Marketo. The solution aims to help smaller companies improve their marketing efforts, as well as build predictive models based on existing Marketo data.

The solution is designed to use first- and third-party data to predict the performance of existing accounts and identify a marketer’s ideal customer profile (ICP). The company said it can also rank a user’s existing accounts based on factors such as propensity to close and deal size. Mintigo Predictive Audience also curates a list of new-net accounts for the user to target via Marketo.


Mintigo Predictive Audience is catered to growing B2B businesses that use Marketo’s marketing automation platform. The solution is targeted to marketers and demand generation professionals who practice ABM.


Mintigo Predictive Audience is designed for tight integration with Marketo in a plug-and-play fashion. The solution uses Marketo data to build models and lets users easily transfer ABM segments to Marketo. Mintigo Predictive Audience can also integrate with Marketo webhooks to create account-based lead prioritization in real time.


Mintigo Predictive Audience is a SAAS application. Pricing is available upon request.


Most predictive vendors offer a more expensive, service-oriented solution or simplified, look-alike models that are not predictive. Mintigo, however, offers a truly predictive solution in a pocket-sized package.



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