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New Qualified Tool To Track & Identify Ideal Website Visitors

The Qualified X platform for Salesforce, created by conversational marketing platform Qualified, seeks to provide B2B sellers with the knowledge and tools needed to execute proactive conversations and drive more pipeline.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Qualified X is designed to help users identify the most important buyers interacting with their websites and provide users with tools to engage prospects in real-time. This allows users to engage buyers showing intent through conversational marketing and selling methods, increasing the number of new opportunities while reducing churn rate.

The solution’s capabilities include:

  • Onsite Routing and Alerts to help users identify an account through Salesforce data and route them to the appropriate sales rep for immediate conversations;
  • Segments that identify and categorize website visitors into predefined segments according to a company’s unique buying criteria for personalized engagement;
  • Live Stream, which helps users see all VIP website visitors via a real-time, command center experience, including the page an account is currently browsing;
  • Pounce, which helps users proactively engage website visitors to generate interest and maximize selling time; and
  • Insights and Analytics that provide clarity into website visitors’ behavior and their teams’ performance to help users optimize their future engagement strategies.

Who It's For

Qualified X is designed for sales development reps and leaders looking to connect with valuable prospects across digital channels and invest in a technology platform that enables targeted, real-time outreach.

What Makes It Special

Qualified X is designed for conversational sales and marketing to help organizations gain complete visibility into their most valuable website visitors and arm sales reps with a suite of tools needed to instantly initiate proactive conversations.