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PowerChord Aims To Improve Lead Gen With Branded Website Experiences

SaaS platform Powerchord is designed to help brands and dealers create and deploy branded website experiences at scale and facilitate omnichannel campaigns that increase lead generation and revenue growth.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The platform aims to provide its users with engaging and easy-to-read data dashboards, helping marketers visualize their lead data by tying those leads to their associated digital marketing campaigns. This helps users design their websites for improved brand experiences, leading to faster conversions to sales. Users are positioned to integrate their own third-party CRM data into the Powerchord platform for easier data analysis.

The platform also contains website design components optimized for lead generation efforts, allowing for fast website implementations, content updates and website redesigns.

Who It’s For

Powerchord is designed for marketing managers, national brands and their retailers, and high consideration product companies.

What Makes It Special

The platform is designed to provide marketers and brands with the analysis, insights and tools to reach more people online for sales conversions, allowing for increased website adaptation and increased opportunities with local vendors.


360 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701