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Responsys Rolls Out Local, Mobile Features As Part Of Fall 2011 Interact Suite Release

Screen_Shot_2011-10-18_at_10.00.32_AMResponsys, Inc., a provider of email and cross-channel marketing solutions, announced the irelease of Responsys Interact Fall ‘11, the latest version of the Responsys Interact Suite.

Responsys Interact Fall ‘11 features extensions to the Responsys Interact Suite including a new application designed to allow organizations to effectively coordinate and manage local marketing campaigns.

Responsys Interact for Distributed Marketing provides a new interface to develop and deploy cross-channel, interactive marketing campaigns. Customizable templates allow marketing organizations to centralize and control corporate branding and messaging, in addition to the option to personalize email, mobile and social messages. 

Designed to combat the limitations of traditional testing, typically limited to basic A/B splits related to subject line, time-of-day, or offer, a new feature called Winner Selection offers marketers the ability to test and optimize the complete flow of experience interactions. The feature enables marketers to define tests with a range of criteria that includes creative designs, subject lines, message content, touch frequencies, message sequence or engagement channel.

Additionally, the newly added Quick Count feature is designed to enable marketers to more rapidly determine the size of a segment they have defined in Filter Designer. Marketers can test more filtering criteria and determine the effects of those criteria changes on segment size.

The company also added enhancements to Responsys Interact for Mobile, designed to include both long code and dedicated short code support in the UK and Germany. The function now supports SMS sending to mobile recipients in Australia and New Zealand. 

In early October 2011, Responsys announced Responsys Interact for Display, which enables marketers to leverage display ads as a core part of their cross-channel marketing programs. This channel gives Responsys customers a targeted and effective way reach their consumers to drive increased brand engagement and ROI.