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  • Written by Stephen Betz, Contributing Editor
  • Published in Solution Spotlight is a program designed to help sales teams forecast accurately, sell better and get to predictable revenue.


By connecting CRM, Email, calendar and call log data, can help companies identify which deals are worth pursuing. The program uses AI to analyze the pipeline and activities of a company’s reps, aiming to unveil insights that can coach reps through the sales cycle to prevent deals from slipping through the cracks.

Key features of the program include:

  • AI Enhanced Forecast Summaries, designed to identify opportunities that are at risk and dive deeper into deals that need attention. The AI Engine is programmed to validate a team’s forecast while adding recommendations as well.
  • Integrated Sales Coaching, AI engine programmed to observe sales team activities and provide sales stage coaching around verifiable outcomes and relationship milestones that are based on a company’s sales best practices. automatically updating CRM without additional data entry.
  • AI Learning Engine, programmed to learn by observing and measuring sales metrics based on a company’s sales playbook. This feature allows companies to identify unproductive reps & gauge the health of their sales team based on their real customer activities.

Targeted Users

Customers who benefit the most from this program include High Tech sales leadership. CRO, Head of Sales, SVP of Sales, and CFO’s.

Compatibility is a platform that consumes data from existing CRM (Salesforce, Dynamics and Netsuite), Microsoft, Google mail, support incident systems and in-house product use data.

Current Clients/Users

The program currently has 15 paying customers and expect to have two dozen paying enterprise customers in the next couple of months.

Competitive Positioning uses AI to analyze data from multiple sources including CRM, email, calendar and call logs to not only generate an accurate forecast but to also coach your reps to success.

Contact Info

Babar Batla
Co-founder & CEO
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