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Sendoso Updates Aim To Improve Gifting Capabilities For ABX Plays

Gifting platform Sendoso has expanded its platform with new features designed to help B2B marketers improve their ABM efforts through gifting to enhance their account-based everything (ABX) plays.

Back-of-the-Box Details

The updated Sendoso platform aims to help B2B organizations create cross-functional approaches to their ABM strategies through personalized gifting and account connections.

The new updates include:

  • A Send Tracker solution that provides complete visibility into address confirmation, when a package is delivered and or an eGift is redeemed, allowing marketers to time their outreach based on the status of the sent gifts;
  • Expanded eGift & Sendoso Direct options, including 150+ new brands in 30+ countries; and
  • Integrations on Address Confirmation that allow teams to add confirmation links to emails and set up triggers to automatically send confirmation requests via other CRM platforms.

Who It’s For

Sendoso is designed for marketing, sales and CX teams that require relevance, timing and experiences in their gifting programs.

What Makes It Special

The Sendoso platform aims to help B2B revenue teams create authentic connections with their target accounts through remote methods.


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