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Sigstr Pulse Offers Relationship Marketing Platform Fueled By AI

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Sigstr Pulse, a relationship marketing platform, is designed to use AI to analyze employee email and calendar patterns to provide insights into the quality of relationships and engagement within target accounts, locations or segments.


The platform aims to deliver relationship intelligence for better visibility and control of contacts. It is designed to automatically sync data generated through daily business activities and align sales and marketing to drive better relationships with target accounts. It is also positioned for GDPR compliance.


Sigstr Pulse is designed for sales and marketing teams looking to scale their company’s account-based strategies and gain better insights into the levels of engagement with the contacts inside those accounts. Users can view and sort accounts, as well as segment them into groups for personalized account-based initiatives.


Sigstr is positioned to integrate with a number of platforms and systems, including HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce, Terminus and SalesLoft.


The platform is priced based on the number of users. More information is available here.


Sigstr Pulse users include Terminus and Snowflake Computing.


By tracking and scoring the strength of relationships through AI analysis of employee email, calendar patterns and CRM data, Sigstr Pulse is designed to provide business leaders with valuable and scalable insight into how their marketing and sales efforts are performing at the contact, account and geographic level. Marketers can use the platform to monitor sales engagement with marketing leads, review account relationships and measure which tactics are assisting the sales team in building new relationships with key accounts.


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