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SnapApp Launches Curation Tool For Creating Interactive Experiences

LeadRev SettingsSnapApp’s LeadREV is a content tool that enables users to drag and drop a PDF and convert it into an interactive experience. This provides a more optimized and dynamic viewing experience for the content’s audience.


By visiting the website, anyone can drag and drop as many PDFs of varying lengths into the tool to create a more interactive experience.

Users have the choice to enable SEO text for the content, add animation, create a lead form with up to nine different fields (including a custom field) and place that lead form anywhere in the content. A unique landing page link for the content is provided, as well as an embed code for inserting the experience into a different web page. Lead data and page-to-page analytics are sent to the desired email address of the user either on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.


Targeted users are B2B marketers who are looking to get more out of their content and go beyond the standard PDF format.


LeadREV sends data to the email address provided by the user. SnapApp platform users can have LeadREV data delivered to their SnapApp account and marketing automation system.


The interactive tool is free for all with no limit of usage.


The company said there is no other free tool that allows you to convert a static PDF into an interactive experience in a short period.


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