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SnapApp Marketing Platform

SnapApp Logo with TagSnapApp is a marketing platform that enables companies to create interactive content that generates leads and drives revenue across the web, mobile, social and email.

Companies use SnapApp to:

  • Generate leads;
  • Nurture and profile prospects;
  • Drive revenue; and
  • Engage and retain visitors and customers.


Marketers use the SnapApp Marketing Platform to build, create, publish and monitor interactive content.

SnapApp offers more than 40 engagement types, including personality tests, assessments, polls, surveys, quizzes and contests.

True cross-channel distribution enables marketers to simultaneously deploy the content across web sites, email, mobile devices, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and offline with QR codes, while sophisticated analytics enable customers to analyze what content types and channels are generating ROI and refine campaigns accordingly.

Data collected from content participation and lead form completions can be passed directly into CMS, CRM and marketing automation platforms in real-time for lead nurturing efforts.

Targeted Users

SnapApp targets marketers of all types, including B2B and B2C marketers responsible for lead generation, branding and social/community efforts. The system is also used by editorial/content, ad sales and marketing teams at publishers/media companies.


Direct data integration with most CMS, marketing automation and email companies including:

  • Eloqua;
  • Marketo;
  • HubSpot;
  • ExactTarget;
  • MailChimp; and
  • Omniture, WebTrends, comScore.

Delivery/Pricing Models

Annual software license (SaaS)

Current Clients/Users

Oracle, Harper Collins, Citizen Watch, The Los Angeles Times, PBS, American Red Cross, Martha Stewart, Comcast and Atlas Copco

Competitive Positioning

Interactive content created with SnapApp averages a 50% click rate and an 80% lead form completion rate, making it better at generating quality leads than traditional email marketing and landing page options. In addition, companies see impressions/ pageview increases of 400% to 500% when using SnapApp.

The system offers:

  • Interactive content. Choose from more than 40 preconfigured engagementtypes including personality assessment tests, score range trivia, contests, sweepstakes, brackets, trivia, surveys, landing pages, video, etc.;
  • Ability to publish anywhere. Distribute across web sites, embed in emails, publish on social sites and mobile;
  • No IT/ Tech required. Drag and drop functionality allows marketers to create interactive content with no need for technical or integration skills; and
  • Comprehensive analytics. Collect more than 38 data pointsto monitor and measure performance.

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