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Socialwhirled Aims To Align Multichannel Campaigns

SocialWhirled logoSocialwhirled is a multichannel marketing and advertising campaign platform designed to help align company messaging across social, mobile and digital channels.


The platform positions B2B marketers to publish and sync campaigns across multiple channels and devices, allowing users to keep messaging engaging and consistent for their target audience. The solution also allows users to refine the messaging within their campaigns in real time, intended to help further enhance engagement with relevant content and offers.

Marketers are also positioned to create more campaigns in less time, automating the campaign creation and management process allows marketers to spend more time on enhance the company's message to prospective buyers.


Socialwhirled is a cloud-based, standalone platform. It offers export capabilities, allowing users to transfer data into their CRM system.


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Competitive Positioning

The platform offers campaign measurement capabilities intended to offer insights into how prospects are engaging with marketing and ad campaigns.

Socialwhirled also offers users the ability to run campaigns with multiple pages that can further segment target audiences for hyper-personalized messaging. The solution comes with multi-lingual options that can be leveraged to globalize your business easily and efficiently.

Contact Information


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