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The Bluenose Customer Success Platform

Bluenose is a customer success platform designed to help B2B companies manage their client base to reduce churn and increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities.


The solution positions users to gain insight from their CRM, marketing automation, billing and other usage data to develop a complete view of each end user.

Other types of information available through the solution include:

  • Any outbound and inbound email communication;
  • Open and resolved support tickets; and
  • Details gained from the user's social profiles.

Bluenose can also provide insight into the overall lifetime value of a customer with information on purchased products, subscriptions and other potential sales opportunities. The solution offers notification options intended to help users track the current health of accounts and allow them to take action when support tickets and other issues arise.


Bluenose comes with out-of-the-box Salesforce and Marketo integrations.


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Competitive Positioning

Bluenose has a built-in early warning system designed to alert users of any changes in customer data that hints at churn risks. The solution leverages predictive algorithms designed to analyze behavior patterns made by each user within an account, which can then be used to enhance future engagement.

The solution also offers built-in playbooks designed to keep business processes consistent, while also increasing productivity and visibility into how sales reps are using the tools to engage current end users within accounts.

Contact Information

517 York Street
San Francisco, CA 94110