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Unica Unveils Catalyst Program To Accelerate Interactive Marketing ROI

Unica Corporation introduced the ROI Catalyst Program designed to help marketers quickly and effectively implement interactive marketing solutions in their own environments. Designed to showcase how interactive marketing tactics can significantly increase marketing performance, the program consists of four distinct solutions that are built around specific business scenarios. The solutions, comprised of Unica products and services, are designed for rapid implementation in the customer’s environment using the customer’s production data to deliver near-immediate business value.

The ROI Catalyst Program includes the following components:

  • Web site Targeted Marketing- designed to measure the lift of targeted Web site offers compared to static offers, highlighting the value of 1-to-1 onsite marketing
  • Web site Remarketing- designed to illustrate the value of leveraging Web behavioral data in outbound marketing specifically focusing on web remarketing through email or other outbound channels
  • Event-Based Marketing-designed to provide sophisticated analysis of highly volatile, high volume transactional data to yield insights about customer needs, thereby driving competitive advantage
  • Contact Optimization- designed to optimize campaigns in the face of multiple offers targeted to overlapping customer audiences, and to demonstrate lift for optimized high-volume, recurring campaigns


“In this economic environment, it is really hard to justify investment in marketing technology. New projects need to demonstrate how they contribute to a company’s bottom line,” said Elana Anderson,Vice President of Product Strategy and Marketing at Unica. “Through the Unica ROI Catalyst Program, we will partner with our customers to prove the results that marketing technology can deliver. The program is designed to quickly get marketers up and running with their interactive marketing initiatives—and achieve tangible results—within weeks.”