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Solution Spotlight

This section highlights the latest products, tools and services that will have an impact on a B2B marketing team's daily initiatives. Fill out our submission form if you think your product is a fit.

Spotlight: Bonfire From Couch & Associates

Bonfire from Couch & Associates is a hosted and managed marketing automation solution that allows marketers to establish and maintain a dialog with prospects over time as they evolve from being passively interested to actively searching to fully engaged and ready to purchase. Through a series of automated, timed communications,…

Solution Spotlight: Acquisio Performance Media Platform

The Acquisio Performance Media Platform helps B2B marketers optimize their paid media campaigns across all online channels. The platform was designed for search marketing, and it now includes support for mobile ads, Facebook ads, and display ads on Google Display Network and all major real-time bidding (RTB) networks.
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Solution Spotlight: NetFactor VisitorTrack And DiscoverOrg

NetFactor’s VisitorTrack and DiscoverOrg have teamed up to announce a partnership designed to benefit B2B sales and marketing organizations. VisitorTrack allows DiscoverOrg’s customers to instantly transform their lead lists from cold to hot. At the same time,  DiscoverOrg’s IT Org Charts solution gives VisitorTrack customers the right information at the…
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Spotlight: Bulldog Solutions RevenueForce

Bulldog Solutions’ RevenueForce system is a holistic approach to marketing campaign architecture, design and execution. RevenueForce incorporates audience acquisition, buyer insight assessments, solution nurturing and sales enablement into a highly focused campaign aligned to unique buyer issues.
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Bizo Updates Self-Service B2B Marketing Platform For SMBs

Bizo this week announced changes to the company's self-service marketing platform for B2B marketers at small and midsized firms. According to the company, its Bizo Marketing Platform, Self-Service Edition has been expanded to include new social marketing and display ad retargeting capabilities, in addition to the platform's existing customer analytics…
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Eloqua Debuts Integrated Display Ad Targeting Platform

During yesterday’s Eloqua Experience keynote, company CEO Joe Payne ran through a long list of new additions to its marketing automation platform. Judging from the audience response, however, the company’s just-announced display ad platform, AdFocus, clearly stands out.
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Marseli Insight Offers Detailed Sales Pipeline Analytics For

At last month's Dreamforce event in San Francisco, Demand Gen Report had a chance to speak with Marseli, a provider of sales and marketing technology solutions. One of the company's key products is Marseli Insight for – a marketing analytics solution developed on and deployed directly within a…
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