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State Of Database Strategies In 2024: Practitioners Restructuring Data Collection To Prioritize ‘Opt-In’ Methods

Data serves as the foundational pillar for all sales and marketing endeavors, and the absence of first- and third-party insights would leave practitioners formulating campaigns and devising strategies with nothing more than hope. Recognizing the critical importance of data management, activation and quality, professionals are redirecting their attention to refining database strategies throughout 2024. Seeks To Enhance Revenue Intelligence For Bank & Financial Institution-Focused Businesses seeks to improve the way businesses identify and connect with financial institutions to create, convert and retain revenue. The company’s Verified Intent Platform captures signals from verified financial institution employees to deliver true intent that intends to increase pipeline, sales velocity and efficiency. According to Truent, using data collected and attributed to an identified source provides the highest level of accuracy and eliminates the risk of false positives generated from anonymous signals. The company's suite of tools helps enable sales, marketing and customer success teams to reach financial institutions at the moment of need in a manner that aligns with the unique buying behaviors of regulated businesses.

Conversica Advances AI Chat Function With Contextual Response Generation Solution

Conversica, Inc., a provider of conversational AI solutions, released its Contextual Response Generation solution to help deliver accurate, brand-specific conversations while also incorporating safeguards against unintended responses and AI hallucinations. According to the company, this marks the first enterprise chat offering that leverages GPT and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) capabilities for a dynamic, brand-safe web chat experience.

Glassbox Insights Assistant Seeks To Uncover & Simplify In-Depth Digital Insights

Glassbox’s digital experience intelligence platform was created to automatically capture, visualize and analyze every digital journey in real time across websites and mobile apps. It serves as the unifying platform for product, UX, marketing, IT, analytics teams and more to assess performance, prioritize projects and optimize experiences. With data privacy and security built in, hundreds of global customers across industries have chosen Glassbox to grow and optimize their digital businesses.

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