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Leadspace & SalesIntel Expand Partnership

During the B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange in Boston, Leadspace, a B2B customer data platform, and SalesIntel, a sales intelligence platform, announced an expansion of their partnership. The companies are aiming to deliver the richest B2B profiles to create territories, campaigns and ABM programs to allow for new opportunities and customers.

Access to SalesIntel’s direct dial, contact and technographic data is available through the Leadspace platform and Leadspace Studio. Leadspace Active Profiles are used to align a company’s Territory Plan to its total addressable market and ideal customer profile to align sales and marketing campaigns and execution. Users can aim to deliver campaigns that target the audience that buys, identifies the leads that convert and prioritize the opportunities that close.

“Leadspace is redefining the performance of B2B sales and marketing teams,” said Alex Yoder, CEO of Leadspace, in a statement. “We have over a decade of experience in delivering the most extensible B2B profiles in the industry. And unlike other offerings, the Leadspace platform is data source agnostic, open and extensible.”

“At SalesIntel, we are committed to providing the best sales intelligence available for revenue teams of all sizes,” added Manoj Ramnani, CEO and Founder of SalesIntel, in a statement. “Leadspace requires the highest quality data to fuel their platform, so this partnership expansion comes naturally. We are honored to be a trusted provider. I am incredibly excited to see the impact of Leadspace users having quality data within their platform. With customers having access to accurate contact data and over 200 million technographic data points, they will be equipped with the most accurate insights so they can expand reach, grow pipeline, and increase close rates."

What 15 Years In Prison Taught Me About Succeeding In Business

1danna Going to prison improved my career — I’m certain you don’t hear that every day. But for me, it’s 100% true. When I first arrived at Perryville Correctional Facility in Ariz., I didn’t have a career. I had a series of low-skill, low-wage jobs that never lead me to a meaningful career. I worked to pay the bills and, unfortunately, fuel my addiction. And it was my addiction that led me to become incarcerated.

How B2B Marketers Can Thrive In The Age Of Data Privacy

1KarieBurtOver the past decade, new privacy regulations have given individuals much greater visibility and control over how their personal data is collected, used, sold and secured. The General Data Privacy Act (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), both enacted in 2018, created a seismic shift in privacy legislation — but they were just the beginning. Since then, we have seen the number of states introducing or passing data privacy acts go from two in 2018 to 29 in 2021.

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