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Maximizing Lead Generation Marketing ROI Part 2: Insight, Alignment, & Action

By Jim Lenskold, President, Lenskold Group

This is the second article in the four-part series on Maximizing Lead Generation Marketing ROI. The other articles in this series include:

Part 1: Lead Quality Counts
Part 3: Measuring Effectiveness
Part 4: Dashboard Metrics

You run your marketing, generate those high quality leads we discussed in Part 1 of this article series, hand these leads off to the sales team, and wait. Hey guys, anything happening over there with our leads? Dead silence. The execs are asking about the ROI on your marketing efforts but you seem to have lost sight of the financial returns which may or may not be present in the black hole where you pass your leads into. The financial success of lead generation marketing is very much dependent on how those leads are managed after the marketing handoff to sales.

Social Content Networks Emerging As Next Gen Document Management

By Eric Hoffert, CEO, ShareMethods

As any salesperson knows, having the most up to date and accurate marketing materials is a must.  Surprisingly, email, while ineffective, is still one of the most common methods for document sharing, yet even when companies want to move away from it, the options are IT intensive and lack flexibility. But, times have changed and as business ecosystems have become more and more distributed, and salespeople are traveling less, having a way to securely work together and collaborate around important documents has gone from being a nice-to-have to a necessity.

Marketing Blueprints in Action: How to Build an Awareness/Thought Leadership Blueprint

By Mike Gospe, Principal & Co-Founder, KickStart Alliance

One of the most common types of marketing programs is the "awareness & thought leadership" program.  This specific program has the objective of focusing the company on the business and solutions topics target audiences cares about.  Instead of immediately diving down to the feature-rich technical jargon, this program positions the vendor as a business partner, and thus allows for a consultative approach in dialoguing with customers and prospects.

Out-Of-The-Box Demand Gen: Turning Blog Commenters Into Your Next Customers

By Neil Sequeira, Director Client Operations, ReadyContacts

Social media marketing has made its presence felt over the last year or two and has caught the attention of several large companies. Whether it’s publishing a company blog, creating pages on Facebook and LinkedIn or having key executives stay active on Twitter, several well established companies have joined the social media marketing bandwagon to interact with the online world.

Turning Your Current Customers Into New Business Evangelists

By Brenda Gelston, President, Marketing Momentum Associates

Periods of intense change often bring improvements due to paradigm shifts in the way we conduct our business.  During times of change assumptions are challenged, boundaries are forced and better ideas emerge from the rubble of the status quo.  We are currently going through this type of paradigm shift whereby the sales process is changing to meet the demands of empowered customers.  So, in this environment how does a marketer establish credibility and custom tailor the marketing outreach to anticipate and meet customer needs?  Carefully designed demand generation programs will integrate your customers into the lead nurturing process and help propel your marketing efforts with renewed energy and relevancy.

Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid To Improve Your ROI On Telemarketing Campaigns

By Mike Wallen, CEO, Lead Dogs

Today, B2B sales lead development is often conducted by phone and, unfortunately, a great deal of it is poorly done. When speaking with marketing and sales professionals, they often complain about their previous lack of telemarketing results, and share how they were disappointed in the low ROI. Want to know why ROI is low? Because too many companies are making the following errors:

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