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3 Steps to Shorten the Sales Cycle with Persona-Driven Marketing

Mike_GospeBy Mike Gospe, Co-Founder & Principal, KickStart Alliance

We are victims of our own desire to sell to anyone and everyone. Collectively speaking, in our race to help sales make quarterly numbers, marketing teams fall into the trap of casting as wide a net as possible for fear of leaving out a potential audience segment.

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Can Marketing Accelerate the Sales Pipeline?

SallyLoweryBy Sally Lowery, Director of Demand Generation, Bronto Software

As a demand generation marketer (aka revenue marketer), I’m met with the challenge of not just thinking about the world in number of leads created. Marketing’s role, at our organization, spans all the way through the active sales pipeline…and I don’t just mean trending how many leads convert to sales.

5 Tips to Improve Conversion Rates

jsBy Jason Stewart, Senior Manager, Demand Generation, Demandbase

It's not hard to find a list of tips aimed at helping to improve your conversion rates, but it is much harder to synch these suggestions with the tools designed to make them realistic and effective. Here are 5 tips to improve conversion rates:

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