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Tips to Ready Marketing Content for Step Backs

albeeardath09_50By Ardath Albee, Marketing Strategist and Author of the Marketing Interactions Blog

As BtoB marketers of complex sales gain traction in developing content across buying stages, they've got to remember that answering objections and correcting reversals is not just a sales activity. With sales conversations pushed farther back in the buying process, you can lose prospects before they ever speak with your sales reps if you don't remove any doubts that arise for them along the way.

Managing Lead ROI With Predictive Modeling

JeffLiebl-eBureau_60wBy Jeff Liebl, VP Marketing & Product Sales, eBureau

The biggest challenge with buying sales leads from third-party affiliates and aggregators today is the difficulty in measuring lead quality and predicting return-on-investment. In some product/service categories, it may take weeks or even months before a buyer can clearly assess the quality of a given lead based on whether or not it converted. Moreover, quality can be volatile month to month, even from the same lead source. If you can’t reliably measure quality, how do you know if you’re paying the right price for leads?

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Marketbright Enterprise



Marketbright provides a leading platform for on demand marketing automation and optimization.  Marketbright is both easy to use and also extremely configurable so organizations of all sizes can collaborate on, plan, and execute multichannel campaigns, nurture and score leads, and monitor and demonstrate marketing’s influence on sales pipeline.

Selling to the C-Suite Author Stephen Bistritz Shares Exec Viewpoint

SteveBistritz_60wReaching key decision makers is top of mind for salespeople, but the lack of access the C-Level can incur missed sales opportunities. Focused on providing key tactics to reach the C-Level decision makers responsible for approving top-dollar deals, new book “Selling to the C-Suite” compiled responses from CXO-level executives about their professional relationships with salespeople.

Adding Dashboard Metrics To Maximize Marketing ROI, Lead Generation Efforts

By Jim Lenskold, President, The Lenskold Group

This is the fourth article in the four-part series on Maximizing Lead Generation Marketing ROI. The other articles in this series include:
Part 1: Lead Quality Counts Part 2:Insight, Alignment & Action Part 3: Measuring Effectiveness

In addition to measurements for specific tactics, which we covered in Part 3 of this 4-part series, marketing executives must be attentive to overall performance management. This involves monitoring and measuring key metrics to understand the collective impact of all marketing and sales efforts, to ensure business goals can be met, and to support business decisions.

5 Payoffs To Connecting The Dots Between CMS And Marketing Automation

Darren_Guarnaccia_60By Darren Guarnaccia, VP Product Marketing, Sitecore

There has been a lot of discussion and buzz around the shift of marketing resources and dollars from offline to online channels.  There are a lot of reasons driving this, but much of it boils down to the fact that online channels offer better tracking and measurement in terms of impact and results. And why not, marketers are under greater pressure to demonstrate results and prove ROI. The days of hiding behind vague assertions around brand impressions are waning, and the modern CMO needs to be able to connect marketing spend to revenue outcomes.

7 Tips to Get Biggest Bang Out Of Sales, Marketing Databases

By Jim Meyer, Vice President, eTrigue Corp.


Now more than ever it is important to tend to the database to get the most from marketing initiatives.  Accurate prospect information – proper name and title, what and when content was viewed on your Web site – provides valuable clues as to how best to move prospects to the next phase of the buying process.  Whether that is reaching out with a targeted email from marketing or having a salesperson call, it is important to make sure the right team is focused on the right audience, at the right time. This all depends on having accurate information readily available in the tools that help sales and marketing get their jobs done.

Process Audit Needed To Identify Breaks In Lead Management

carlosphoto_60wBy Carlos Hidalgo, President, The Annuitas Group

Marketing automation systems are robust and do allow marketers to become more efficient and effective, but they can’t deliver the process-based approach that will ultimately help the marketer meet the demands of today. It’s tempting to believe that that technology will cure all of the marketer’s ills. But it won’t. Companies that adopt marketing automation technology without the planning and development of process will not reach the potential returns they could otherwise achieve.

Pairing Web Analytics With CRM, Email Tools Presents New BtoB Platform Options

leadlander_60wWeb analytics are still a new concept for some BtoB marketers, but for the early adopters of these tools the intelligence gathered from online traffic is proving to be a vital tool for qualifying leads and tracking the behavior of prospects. San Francisco-based LeadLander has been one of the pioneers in this space and has carved a unique niche by providing sales teams with real-time analysis of Web activity.

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