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Buying Groups Help B2B Marketers Win At Data-Driven Advertising

1namoiAs companies like Snowflake and AWS lean into first-party, data-driven advertising following the impending demise of third-party cookies, they’ve been making noise about their data management capabilities to entice potential partners. Their “data clean rooms” promise a safe and secure place to combine, analyze and activate data sets as more brands activate their first-party data in “identity-based” advertising campaigns. 

Constructor’s Attribute Enrichment Aims To Enhance Online Product Catalog Quality

Constructor’s AI-driven platform for product search and discovery is designed for B2B and B2C E-commerce. With Constructor, B2B manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers can create better purchasing experiences across distribution segments — personalizing search results, product recommendations and all facets of product discovery, while also optimizing experiences to reflect their own KPIs. Constructor’s platform combines advanced algorithms, transformers and large language models to decode complex patterns, understand user intent and deliver real-time personalization across the buyer journey.

Cognitiv Releases AI Solutions For More Inclusive & Diverse Media Buying

Cognitiv, a deep learning AI provider, released two new features to help enable more diverse and inclusive (D&I) media buying. The Inclusivity feature uses GPT technology to “read” content and determine whether the language is inclusive, neutral or non-inclusive, while the Diversity feature analyzes visitor demographics to determine whether advertisements authentically connect with multicultural groups. 

Future-Proofing B2B Marketing: Key Strategies For 2024 Planning Success

Let’s level-set for a second: Marketers are overwhelmed and burnt out, and the last thing they want is more work on their plates. As industries across the board dive head-first into 2024 planning, there are seemingly endless suggestions and strategies practitioners are encouraged to adopt to unlock the fabled “do more with less.”

Mobly Aims To Streamline Qualified Lead Collection With Mobile-First Tool

Mobly Inc. is a mobile-first software platform designed to capture qualified leads at in-person events and get them in CRM and marketing automation platforms (MAPs) faster. Founded in 2023, Mobly helps provide field marketing, demand generation, sales and revenue leaders with more accurate records, pipeline visibility, forecasting and continuity across their operations.

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