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Oceanos Unveils New Insight Tool for List Building & Maintenance

One of the key goals for any organization’s marketing team is to build and upkeep a relevant list of potential buyers. Ideally by maintaining a fresh and relevant database, marketers are able to tap into the most engaged and interested prospects to optimize their sales and marketing investments.


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Genius Marketing Automation


SOLUTION SPOTLIGHT is the only Marketing Automation solution that truly “gets” sales.

Genius Provides on-demand solutions for marketing automation, lead nurturing, email marketing, demand generation,  and social marketing that allow both marketing and sales professionals to identify and connect with their best prospects online in real-time, without requiring IT involvement.

Author Jonathan Kantor Offers Tips To Optimize White Paper Programs


With white papers emerging as the go-to tool for many demand generation campaigns, Principal & Founder of The Appum Group Jonathan Kantor released a new book dedicated to providing marketers with best in class tactics for white paper composition. The new book, “Crafting White Paper 2.0,” offers marketers insights into best practices around visual elements as well as utilizing case studies to optimize readership and response.

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Good Leads CEO Shapes Strategies To Help CMOs Net Results In Recession

By Bob Good , Founder & CEO of Good Leads


The knee-jerk response for many companies during the recent economic downturn was to cut discretionary spending. Unfortunately, these line item cuts often had an adverse effect on business development and lead generation. To help their clients and prospects work around this budget squeeze, Salem, NH-based Good Leads developed several new programs including a “stimulus plan” and a “vertical validation,” offer for its clients.

Always On Lead Gen Enabled Via Virtual Event Environments

BobBahramipourBy Bob Bahramipour, CMO, InXpo

Until recently BtoB marketers have had limited online tools for demand generation. While consumer marketers have long had a variety of online tools available to them, such as Yahoo!, YouTube, FaceBook, Hulu, BtoB marketers,on the other hand, have been forced to rely mainly on search engine marketing, direct response email and some display advertising to get in front of potential prospects.

Tips to Ready Marketing Content for Step Backs

albeeardath09_50By Ardath Albee, Marketing Strategist and Author of the Marketing Interactions Blog

As BtoB marketers of complex sales gain traction in developing content across buying stages, they've got to remember that answering objections and correcting reversals is not just a sales activity. With sales conversations pushed farther back in the buying process, you can lose prospects before they ever speak with your sales reps if you don't remove any doubts that arise for them along the way.

Managing Lead ROI With Predictive Modeling

JeffLiebl-eBureau_60wBy Jeff Liebl, VP Marketing & Product Sales, eBureau

The biggest challenge with buying sales leads from third-party affiliates and aggregators today is the difficulty in measuring lead quality and predicting return-on-investment. In some product/service categories, it may take weeks or even months before a buyer can clearly assess the quality of a given lead based on whether or not it converted. Moreover, quality can be volatile month to month, even from the same lead source. If you can’t reliably measure quality, how do you know if you’re paying the right price for leads?

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Marketbright Enterprise



Marketbright provides a leading platform for on demand marketing automation and optimization.  Marketbright is both easy to use and also extremely configurable so organizations of all sizes can collaborate on, plan, and execute multichannel campaigns, nurture and score leads, and monitor and demonstrate marketing’s influence on sales pipeline.

Selling to the C-Suite Author Stephen Bistritz Shares Exec Viewpoint

SteveBistritz_60wReaching key decision makers is top of mind for salespeople, but the lack of access the C-Level can incur missed sales opportunities. Focused on providing key tactics to reach the C-Level decision makers responsible for approving top-dollar deals, new book “Selling to the C-Suite” compiled responses from CXO-level executives about their professional relationships with salespeople.

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