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Sending for Success: Revenue Team's Full Funnel Playbook

Revenue teams have been asked to do more with less. And as the digital world becomes more saturated, programs that bring back the feeling of in-person experiences have grown more important. That's why Sendoso brought together experts across all departments to share creative ways they have maximized sales and marketing ROI in this new climate.

Across four unique sessions, Sendoso will share proven strategies for driving revenue growth, how to achieve measurable results from sending and maximizing ROI. Whether you’re in sales, marketing or customer success, we hope these methods and insights bring success to your team.

Join us Fridays at 11 AM PT for any or all of the following sessions:

  • June 19 – Bring Human Connection to Digital Experiences
  • June 26 – Sales Playbook: Full Funnel Sending Strategies
  • July 10 – Account-Based Mail: Personalization at Scale
  • July 17 – Sendoso for Retention