Turning Politics Into Content Marketing Inspiration: Live Q&A With Grant Thornton

YouTube Live Q&A

For Grant Thornton's 'Political Pulse' campaign, the company tapped strategic collaborations with political analysts, economic luminaries and internal public policy and tax subject-matter specialists. Their insights, expertise and predictions were used to craft a multi-faceted campaign that included webcasts, articles and other content assets. Pieces were promoted and aggregated into a dedicated microsite, which was updated before, during and after the presidential race.

The goal? To create a hub of valuable assets that honed in on how the election's results would shape the nation's approaches to trade, tax reform and other vital business issues.

Join us for the latest installment of the Killer Content Showcase Series, where we'll learn how Grant Thornton's campaign (and its results) have impacted its narrative focus and content marketing strategies.

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Thursday, October 12 at 2pm ET