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The Three Pillars Of Data Optimization

Shadow OE OE001 EBK 3 Pillars Final

Data quality is key to marketing and sales success in today’s B2B landscape. This e-book highlights the three pillars of data optimization, which ultimately reinforce data-driven marketers with high-quality information:

  • Contact Gap Analysis;
  • Contact Discovery; and
  • Contact Valuation.
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The New Formula For Connecting With B2B Buyers

shadow LinkedIn LI002 EBK SocialSelling Aug 2014

While many foundational aspects of the buying process have not changed, the way that buyers educate themselves and engage with sales reps has evolved thanks to social media. Is your company ready to respond to these changing market dynamics?

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Increasing Marketing Automation ROI By Investing In Data

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Marketing automation adoption is growing at a steady rate, but many B2B organizations fail to realize that the data they collect is what fuels their overall success. Maintaining a clean and organized database is crucial, and companies see an average 66% increase in revenue just by regularly maintaining their database.

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The Evolution From Traditional To Predictive Lead Scoring

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The rapid growth of marketing technology — particularly predictive marketing solutions — is creating daunting new tasks for marketers, who have to wade through all of these offerings to find the solution that will maximize their ROI. With predictive analytics coming into play, is traditional lead scoring out of its league?

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