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New Approach, New Roles: How Sales And Marketing Partner For Effective Social Selling

LinkedIn-New-Approach-Ebk-SHADOWStudies show that 73% of salespeople that use social selling outperform those that don’t, yet two-thirds of companies don’t have a social strategy for their sales team. So the question is, why don’t they? It takes a buy-in from sales, marketing and leadership to gear up social selling, but once they do, the returns are worth the efforts.



Effective customer conversations are crucial for standing out among the completion, and can possible make or break opportunities flowing through the pipeline. This e-book from Corporate Visions highlights an abundance of insights into how you can improve your customer conversations, including:

  • Why 80% of marketing and sales professionals deem their demand gen campaigns as insufficient;
  • How marketing and sales alignment is crucial for bridging the "conversion gap"; and
  • Which customer conversations are the most important, and how to conquer them.
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Account-Based Marketing Reveals Untapped Potential

 LeanDataSHADOWMarketing automation has become a vital tool for effective demand generation. However, is marketing automation all you need to drive quality leads into the funnel, and what about the leads already in your database?

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