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“Always On” Marketing: Reaching Prospects Anywhere with Display Advertising and Marketing Automation


Engaging with prospects in a meaningful way until they are ready to buy is essential to any B2B marketing strategy. Once leads are captured, marketers rely primarily on email marketing to drive prospects down the funnel—but this approach is inherently constrained. Email marketing only reaches “known” prospects captured in your database, and those who don’t open your emails are left to stagnate in your funnel.

Marketers need a better way to stay aligned with prospects beyond the inbox, reaching them anywhere on the Web and throughout the marketing funnel.

Attendees of the webinar will learn:

  • Why “always on” channels like display advertising makes sense for B2B lead nurturing
  • How display ad retargeting works
  • Key ways to optimize retargeting to drive the most leads and conversions
  • How to tap into the powerful combination of display and social advertising and marketing automation

Join Rachel Rickles, Manager of Client Services, and Amanda Halle, Senior Online Marketing Programs Manager at Bizo, as they explore how B2B marketers can use the powerful technique of personalized nurturing through ad retargeting to generate more leads across all of their marketing channels and within their marketing automation systems.




KardonRachel Rickles,
Manager of Client Services,

AprilBrownAmanda Halle,
Senior Online Marketing Programs Manager,

AprilBrownAndrew Gaffney,
Demand Gen Report


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