Five Strategies for Increasing Event ROI


Marketers face intense pressure to deliver programs that drive sales and achieve positive ROI. But understanding the effectiveness of marketing events can be challenging. Learn five high level strategies for increasing visibility into your events, achieving break-out ROI, and getting more value from event data.

Optimizing Campaigns For Multiple Channels, Screens & Audiences


More Americans will access online content from a mobile device than through a desktop computer by 2015, and content marketing has to keep pace with the desire to view content on multiple devices and multiple channels.

During this webinar, Paul Danter, VP of Sales and Marketing at Genwi, will present new findings from the recent report, “Mobile Content Distribution Strategies,” demonstrating the growing role of mobile in content marketing.

Lead Nurturing Beyond the Inbox


Today’s B2B marketers looking to acquire new customers face two daunting challenges: email doesn’t reach 95 percent of their anonymous Web site traffic and more than 80 percent of prospects never even open their emails, contributing to massive missed opportunities.

Marketers need a better way to stay aligned with prospects beyond the inbox, reaching them anywhere on the Web and throughout the marketing funnel.

Improving Lead Quality with Analytics Across the Lifecycle


With as much as 75% of the buying cycle taking place before the hand raise, it’s easy for marketers to waste time and money driving the wrong leads to conversion. They don’t have the data and insight they need, and as a result, they can’t optimize their website and online activity to target their most valued prospects. In this webinar, learn how to measure your marketing and sales activity so that you can reach and nurture the best leads at every stage of the funnel. See of examples of how to:

Guide Prospects Through the Buying Journey with Better Tracking & Targeting


So, you’ve heard the buzz around marketing automation and how it can help optimize your marketing efforts. But have you seen it in action? Join this session with Michael Berger, Director of Product Marketing at Marketo, as he gives an up-close and exciting look into how Marketo’s Customer Engagement Platform helps marketers take potential buyers by the hand and guides them smoothly across their buying journey in a highly-personalized and relevant way. Presentation highlights will include:

Lead to Revenue: How to Use Webinars to Accelerate the Buying Cycle


According to ON24’s Annual Webinar Benchmarks Report, prospects are spending an average of 56 minutes attending your marketing webinars as opposed to only 2.5 minutes browsing your website. Your webcasting platform is therefore much better suited for identifying where your prospects are in the buying cycle and accelerating their journey towards a purchase. In this interactive webcast, Mark Bornstein, Senior Director of Content Marketing at ON24, will highlight best practices for using webinars to drive the buying cycle and increase lead values.

The Evolution of Lead Scoring: From Rules Based to Predictive


Predictive Lead Scoring has quickly become the weapon of choice for demand gen marketers hoping to improve conversion and win rates. But do the business benefits of a predictive approach really trump those of traditional, rules–based scoring? Attend this webinar to learn how powerful predictive models combined with thousands of account level buying signals can reduce the number of leads passed to sales while dramatically increasing conversion. Hear how DocuSign addressed the curse of abundance at the top of the funnel to increase conversion from opportunity to closed/won by over 30%. By implementing predictive scoring they were able to identify the key predictive attributes that make leads likely to convert and have been able to dramatically improve inside sales productivity and effectiveness. This session will answer the following questions: