Putting Account-Based Marketing to Work in 2015


Megan Heuer, VP & Group Director at Sirius Decisions and Shari Johnston, Sr. Director of Integrated Marketing Programs at Demandbase, will discuss best practices for creating an Account-Based Marketing and putting it into action. Start your 2015 with a solid plan to market and sell to your key accounts and drive results all the way through the selling process.

Adding Predictive Marketing To Your Mix In 2015


By this point, you’ve heard the hype about predictive lead scoring, but is it something you should consider adding to your plan in 2015?

The key to getting value from this powerful new technology, is first understanding if it’s right for you and having a game plan for rolling it out and driving adoption once its deployed. This webinar will explore the business case for predictive marketing applications and look in-depth at the key use cases, possible pitfalls and keys to success for demand gen and marketing ops practitioners. Sirius Decisions will provide a glimpse into why marketers are adopting predictive scoring, how it compares to traditional scoring and what you should consider before you deploy.

Crossing the Conversion Gap: Sales Enablement Strategies to Ensure Generated Demand Gets Closed


The hand-off between Demand Generation and Field Sales follow-up is tricky in most companies. It’s a typical failure point where many good leads go to die and conversion percentages languish. Unless your company has an aligned Sales Enablement program that connects the dots between Marketing and Sales to make sure your representatives are ready to convert that opportunity into real business.

Measuring The Impact Of Content Marketing On Your Pipeline

DEC10With over 70% of companies increasing investment in their content marketing, there is now a need to prove the impact of this investment (specifically with respect to revenue and pipeline). Determining success requires collaboration between content marketing and marketing operations, as well as a deep understanding of how buyers interact with an organization's branded assets.

Upgrading Your Lead Nurture Program in 2015

For years marketers have used sophisticated nurture strategies that segment and​ ​email their database contacts. What if you could upgrade your nurture strategy to apply that same level of sophistication to an even larger audience — anonymous website visitors — across multiple marketing channels?​ ​2015 can be the year you start!

How To Turn Your Resource Center Into A Demand Gen Machine


For many companies, the resource center of their website turns into a content graveyard, rather than a dynamic driver of traffic, engagement and leads. 

Set aside 30 minutes of your day to learn how leading organizations are transforming their resource centers into “demand generation machines” by creating a content experience that makes it easy for visitors to find relevant content that converts.

The Formula For Creating Killer Content Campaigns


An Inside Look At The Content, Engagement Strategies And Results From The Top B2B Campaigns From 2014

This webinar will present insights into changing trends around content consumption among business executives, as well as snapshots of some of the winning campaigns from the 2014 Killer Content Awards.