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Vocus Updates Its Marketing Suite For Social Customer Tracking

Vocus logoVocus updated its Marketing Suite with new features designed to help organize and track multi-channel marketing campaigns and build mobile landing pages, among other capabilities.

According to company officials, these new capabilities streamline complex, multi-channel marketing campaigns across email, social, PR and search marketing channels to improve online visibility, find and convert new customers, and better measure results.

The Winter 2014 release includes:

  • A campaigns feature designed to simplify the process of managing complex, multi-channel tactics by providing one central location for creation and measurement;
  • A landing pages component that enables the creation of mobile responsive landing pages that capture information and drive action from prospects and customers through email, social media and the Web.
  • Social CRM, which allows marketers to view all their contacts’ activities and manage the entire prospect or customer relationship; and
  • Detailed tracking of activity performance, aggregate comparison and campaign-level analytics, and individual activity performance and engagement.

“This is the next generation of marketing software,” said Rick Rudman, CEO of Vocus. “The new features help them understand customer data in order to make effective business decisions with clear and measurable ROI.”