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Marketo Integrates With Google For More Measurable, Personalized Campaigns

Marketo-Google_placeitMarketo unveiled new integrations with Google AdWords and Google Analytics, which position Marketo users to track and measure ad spending and provide more targeted messaging.

The integrations are designed to enable marketers to link Marketo data such as firmographic and customer profile information to their Google Analytics platform to personalize campaigns. Offline activities that are tracked in Marketo — such as when a lead is qualified and a deal is closed — can be exported to AdWords to measure the ROI of digital ad campaigns.

In addition, Marketo users are positioned to analyze how audiences respond at all stages of the buying cycle, enabling them to adjust their budgets, bids and keywords.

"Paid advertising has lived in a silo for long enough," said Sanjay Dholakia, CMO at Marketo. "With our integration to Google AdWords and Google Analytics, we are breaking down that wall and enabling marketers to look holistically at how they are engaging audiences across different channels. In today's world, engagement marketing means delivering the right message at the right time over the right channel."