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As B2B marketers continue to "crack the code" of how to capitalize on social media and mobile, the section highlights innovations and advancements in the way companies utilize these channels to enhance customer interactions and improve CRM.

Oktopost Integrates With Act-On, Joins Developer Network

Oktopost ActOn logosOktopost, a B2B social media marketing platform, announced it has joined the Act-On Developer Network. The partnership includes full integration into the Act-On marketing automation platform, designed to help boost social lead conversions.

The integration is positioned as a way for marketers to bridge the gap between social media and the bottom line, allowing users to credit specific social media campaigns for generating or nurturing prospective buyers and measure ROI.

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Oracle Unveils Social Station For SRM Platform

Oracle logoOracle announced the launch of Social Station, a workspace within the Oracle Social Cloud platform that is designed to help users increase productivity and performance of their social business practices.

The drag-and-drop capabilities of Social Station are intended to enable easier personalization with various modules. Users can also customize their view of social data, providing real-time updates on social targets.

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Teradata Announces New Solutions, Partnerships At Annual Summit

Teradata logoAt the annual Teradata Marketing Summit, the data platform, marketing application and consulting services company unveiled several solutions, including a real-time mobile marketing automation and interaction manager, as well as new features within its Digital Messaging Center. 

Teradata has established a strategic partnership with Urban Airship to deliver its mobile marketing solutions through the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud. Customers will now have access to a variety of Urban Airship services, including real-time mobile marketing automation, mobile app messaging and location-based marketing capabilities. Aligning services from the Urban Airship Enterprise Audience Engagement Suite with the Teradata Customer Interaction Manager is expected to help digital marketers deliver more real-time, relevant and responsive mobile experiences.

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B2B IT Buyers Favor Search And Social Media, Survey Reveals

IDG studyIDG Connect’s survey of more than 400 enterprise respondents involved in IT purchase decisions shows that social networking is popular among B2B IT buyers in making technology purchase decisions. According to the report, titled Connecting Conversations To Content, 86% of B2B IT buyers are currently using social media networks in their purchase decision process.

Search is used by 58% of respondents, followed by social networking (57%); professional networks (51%); video sharing (38%); and reviews and recommendations from peers (38%).

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B2B Marketers Adjusting Search Strategies To Account For Mobile

shutterstock 114836104Mobile is no longer strictly the domain of B2C marketers. Due to the growing propensity for B2B buyers tobringtheir mobile phones or tablet devices wherever they go, marketers need to factor in mobile when developing their strategies for search engine optimization (SEO), paid search and ad extensions, among other tactics.

Search engine optimization has evolved in its own way, transforming from a keyword-driven search into a process fueled by quality content. Google’s implementation of the Hummingbird algorithm in 2013 is the poster child for the SEO makeover, leaving B2B marketers with new challenges in promoting online products and services. SEO must be held to a different standard for mobile users who are likely looking for an immediate answer to a direct query.

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Forbes Launches Mini Social Network For Content Sharing

forbes streamForbes recently launched a mini social network that allows readers to save and share visual content with other readers and discover content from Forbes magazine and the company’s web site.

Stream is part of the new Forbes magazine app for iOS — which was developed by the NY-based tech startup MAZ — that is optimized specifically for tablet and mobile devices.

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Connecting Interactions To Sales Key To Measuring Social ROI

social media shutterstock 123453199With more than 225 million members on LinkedIn, 728 million daily active users on Facebook and around 135,000 people joining Twitter each day, it makes perfect sense to implement a social media marketing strategy, whether to generate leads or circulate content.

While there is an endless amount of data available through social interactions, the challenge for marketers is determining the impact on the sales pipeline and sharing the most relevant metrics with the CEO and other key executives.

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LinkedIn Exec Shares Strategies For Social Selling Success

social media shutterstock 123453199Social media has long been the darling of B2C marketers, as it lends itself to quick, on-the-spot interactions with potential buyers. While the B2B sales cycle is longer and more complex, there are many opportunities to use social media to generate and nurture leads and close more deals.

During a recent webinar, titled: Adding Social Fuel To Demand Generation Programs, Koka Sexton, Sr., Social Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, explained how sales teams can leverage social media platforms to expand their connections and bolster their demand generation efforts.

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Vidyard Releases New App For HootSuite

vidyard logoVideo marketing platform Vidyard has launched a new app for HootSuite within the company’s App Directory. The Vidyard app was created to help address the need for video marketing enablement in social media, according to company representatives.

On the heels of Vidyard’s recent integrations with Eloqua and Marketo, this new HootSuite integration will be another step in helping marketers turn video content into measurable ROI. Using theVidyard app for HootSuite, social marketers can access their entire video library and add video clips to any social post directly within the HootSuite dashboard. Customizable calls to action also can be added to videos to generate leads, run contests, and link to other related assets.

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