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Infusionsoft Sync For Gmail

infusion-logoInfusionsoft Sync for Gmail enables users to centralize contacts and communications, view Infusionsoft appointments and trigger sales automation through Gmail. The app was acquired from an Infusionsoft Marketplace Partner AutomationCore.


Centralize Contacts. Save time and boost productivity by easily accessing Infusionsoft contact records in Gmail. Users can also search for specific contact records from the sidebar. If an email isn't associated with a contact in Infusionsoft, the contact information can now be added within Gmail and saved to Infusionsoft.

View Interactions. Sales people no longer have to toggle between Infusionsoft and Gmail to get a full picture of past interactions with a contact. The sidebar displays a comprehensive contact profile including tasks, appointments, notes, tags and more.

Email And Calendar Synchronization. Save time and ensure all sales activities and communications are recorded by syncing emails in Gmail to a specific contact record in Infusionsoft. Users can also access their Google Calendar from Infusionsoft and vice versa while also having the ability to share a Google calendar with other team members.

Create Notes And Tasks On The Fly. Better keep track of sales and customer interactions by creating notes and tasks in Infusionsoft while working in Gmail.

Add Tags To Segment Messages. Ensure contacts receive relevant, targeted messages by adding tags to a customer record in Infusionsoft from Gmail.

Save Files. Stay organized and save files such as, signed contracts/agreements, receipts, purchase orders, etc. directly from Gmail to Infusionsoft.

See Past, Present And Future Messaging Sequences. For each contact, view a list of past and pending messaging sequences, add a contact to a new sequence and/or remove them from a current sequence directly in Gmail.

Target Users

Small business owners


An add-on to Infusionsoft

Competitive Positioning

This is an important new ability that allows users to keep all their sales efforts in sync, centralize communications, and trigger follow-up actions automatically within Gmail.


This integration is a free download that Infusionsoft users can add to a Gmail account, and gives them to access CRM and contact management functionality directly within Gmail. Infusionsoft users can add this new feature to their Chrome or Firefox browser via

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