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CXO Conversations: Uberflip CMO Randy Frisch Dishes On Personalizing The Content Experience For Current Times

Welcome back to Demand Gen Report’s CXO Conversations, a new video interview series that will provide our audience with insider access to C-suite executives from some of the top B2B brands, as well as the hottest companies in the martech community. 

Our third episode of the series features Randy Frisch, Co-Founder, CMO and President of Uberflip, and best-selling author of “F#ck Content Marketing: Focus on Content Experience to Drive Demand, Revenue & Relationships.”Frisch chats with host Klaudia Tirico onhow current demand gen efforts should rev the buyer up for a personalized content experience. He also shared great tips and real examples of how B2B marketers can effortlessly create, manage and optimize personalized content experiences at scale — taking a note from prominent B2C brands doing it effectively.

During the conversation, Frisch and Tirico discuss:

  • The evolution of personalization and why it must go beyond “Hi, [Name]”;
  • What’s working for today’s marketers when it comes to personalizing the content journey and delivering memorable content experiences and virtual events;
  • Content formats that are working for B2B orgs, including video and social messaging;
  • Examples of B2B brands doing well at being as entertaining and personalized as some B2C counterparts like Netflix and Spotify;
  • How and when to gate/ungate content experiences and offer free thought leadership and products;
  • Tools and tips for delivering authentic personalized content experiences via Uberflip’s Content Experience Framework; and
  • Much more!

“It’s not just thinking about giving content for free, but do you have products that you should give for free,” said Frisch. “And I know a lot of will say ‘Well that’s not marketing; that’s a business decision.’ Marketing’s got to be at that table and marketing has to be pushing for thinking about how we adjust and think about our product.”