The Webinar Playbook: Game-Changing Strategies From 10 Top B2B Marketers

According to research from, 73% of marketing and sales leaders said webinars are the best way to generate quality leads.

But as buyer preferences evolve, a traditional webinar model (think generic slideshows complemented by a single voice on audio) may not always cut through the noise and drive the high engagement it used to.

To learn how marketers are addressing these new realities and to help the B2B community successfully reinvent their webinar strategies for modern buyers, GoToWebinar and Demand Gen Report interviewed 10 top influencers with various levels of webinar-creating experience and expertise. In the E-book, they offer strategic advice and new tactics for delivering webinar content that’s fresh, engaging and drives results.

The marketers included are:

  • Ardath Ablee, Marketing Interactions
  • Lauren Alt, Outreach
  • Michael Brenner, Marketing Insider Group
  • Tina Dietz, StartSomething Creative Business Solutions
  • Andrea Fryrear, AgileSherpas
  • Lauren Mead, TimeTrade
  • Sherrie Mersdorf, Evariant
  • Jen Spencer, SmartBug Media
  • Daniel Waas, GoToWebinar
  • Elle Woulfe, PathFactory

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