Infographic: Maximizing Trade Show Leads

Trade shows remain a key component of any B2B marketer’s strategy, but leads have to be tracked carefully to ensure there are no missed opportunities. Marketing automation can bring order to the process of nurturing the leads gathered at trade shows, as this infographic from Pardot illustrates.

Infographic: What Your Facebook Page Needs

Facebook can be an effective lead generator for marketers who pay attention to all of the necessary elements, including exclusive content. HubSpot put together a Facebook page checklist to help turn “likes” into sales.  

Infographic: SMB Marketing Automation Adoption & Trends

Marketing automation tools aren’t just for the big guys. Small companies are seeing the advantages of demand generation, according to an infographic from Techaisle, a global SMB and channels ICT market research and industry analyst organization.

Infographic: The History Of Sales

  To know where you are going, it always helps to take a look at where you’ve been. From the rise of email, laptops and PowerPoint in the 1980s, CRM in the 1990s and social media in the 2000s, this infographic from Lattice Engines provides some perspective for marketers on…

Infographic: 2012 Content Marketing Trends

Nearly 90% of B2B marketing organizations used content marketing in 2012 – more than SEO, events or traditional advertising. These and other 2012 content marketing trends are illustrated in this week's infographic, provided courtesy of Curata.

Video: Seth Godin On The Tribes We Lead

Over the past few years, the now-famous TEDTalks series has included a number of episodes worth watching if you're a B2B marketer. Here's one of the very best: a 2009 talk from Seth Godin that links modern marketing success to some of our oldest and most powerful social customs.

Infographic: The Lyris Digital Optimizer Report

This week's infographic, courtesy of Lyris, features the results of an online survey which indicates that email-based digital marketing efforts have the highest percentage of integration with other channels and technologies. It also offers a synopsis to each channel. (Source)

Infographic: The Best Times To Share Content On Twitter And Facebook

Wondering when your social media posts will generate the biggest bang for the (virtual) buck? This week’s infographic, created by digital agency Raka using data from Bitly, offers a quick and very informative visual guide to timing your posts on Twitter and Facebook.