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Infographic: For Email Marketing, Timing Is The Key To Success

This week's infographic, provided courtesy of StrongMail, features the results of a survey of more than 700 marketing professionals. It offers some interesting insights into timing a company's email marketing campaigns, and the impact that proper timing can have on response rates – an issue with implications for both B2B…

Video: 10 Strategies For Content Marketing

This week, we're going to dive into the archives and give you a presentation well worth watching if you didn't see it the first time around. In this Dreamforce 2011 session, Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, and Jon Miller, VP Marketing of Marketo, offer 10 timeless strategies for…

Video: Marketing Automation & Email Marketing

Email marketing is a time-tested, and highly effective, way to reach prospects and customers. This video explains how to move your firm beyond "batch and blast" email marketing to guarantee that you always deliver the right message, to the right person, at exactly the right time.

Infographic: Growing Revenue Through Alignment

Just in time for this week’s Dreamforce conference, we have an infographic especially for users, provided courtesy of DemandBase. Learn what it takes to leverage the power of social media, drive revenue growth, and take steps towards building the Social Enterprise.

Infographic: B2B Marketing Analytics – The Keys To The Boardroom

Marketing analytics is a high-growth industry right now. According to the CMO Survey, the typical enterprise marketing organization expects to boost its analytics spending by 60% over the next three years – or an increase from 5.7% to 9.1% of the average marketing budget.

Infographic: Inside The Mind Of A Demand Gen Manager

We know (or at least we hope!) that most B2B marketers are pretty sharp cookies – and they'd better be, because they have a lot to think about. This infographic, which comes courtesy of LeadFormix, reveals the eight issues that every demand generation manager is thinking about these days –…

Why Readers Lose Interest In Your Email Marketing

Running successful email campaigns is a tough task. All it takes is one misstep to alienate users, kill your response rates, and send your messages straight to a spam folder. The following infographic, provided courtesy of Litmus, explains how email campaigns go wrong -- and what your marketing team can…

Infographic: Content Delivery Funnel

The following infographic comes courtesy of the Content Marketing Institute(CMI) and Demandbase. It’s a perfect introduction to content marketing for companies that are just coming to grips with the concept. There are so many content options available to marketers today, and it’s often difficult to visualize the ideal role each…