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Developing Video Campaigns To Engage Key Prospects At Every Stage Of Their Journey

You’ve invested resources in producing engaging video content that resonates across the stages of the buyer’s journey. Do you send your carefully crafted message out and hope for the best? Not a chance.

Modern marketers are eagerly mining the data from their video campaigns. They can pinpoint what people are viewing and give them more of what works.

We’ve all become accustomed to video marketing in our personal lives. There’s no reason not to embrace it in a B2B environment to bring customers through the funnel in a fun and engaging way. This iPaper will:

  • Outline the various types of videos and where they fit into the buyer's journey;
  • Demonstrate the value of video’s ability to provide rich data at every point in the decision-making process;
  • Address the challenges of taking a data-driven approach to video marketing; and
  • Share best practices for creating and promoting video that will drive engagement and produce a return on investment.
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