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2019 Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey Report

Benchmark Research Shows Reporting Matures To Track More ABM & Conversion At Specific Stages Of Buyers Journey

Nearly every B2B organization strives to learn more about their buyers. Building journey maps, studying triggers and analyzing the behavior of key stakeholders are common practices for marketing teams. The common factors for all of these initiatives are having actionable reporting and metrics on the campaigns that are influencing buying decisions.

New benchmark research from Demand Gen Report found that while marketers are aware that they still struggle with many areas of measurement and attribution, it is still a growing priority for 90% of respondents.

This report will share specific findings of the research paired with an in-depth analysis of what areas marketers are currently tracking, as well as their efforts to alleviate challenges, goals for improvement and measurement abilities around account-based marketing. Topics covered will include:

  • Marketers' push to gain more granular metrics around buyer stages;
  • Top priorities for ABM programs, including individual channel and campaign metrics;
  • Current key metrics of focus, such as paid search and events;
  • Top challenges in measurement and attribution, including lack of resources and messy data; and
  • Marketers' future plans around marketing measurement and attribution strategies.

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