COVID-19 Update

2020 Content Preferences Study: B2B Buyers Increasingly Looking For Credible “Show-And-Tell” Experiences To Drive Buying Decisions

During a time of "social distancing," where in-person engagement and education is being replaced with digital alternatives, content has become an even more critical tool for B2B buyers to research new areas and find solutions to business challenges.

And based on new results from Demand Gen Report's 2020 Content Preferences Study, buyers are not only leaning even harder on content to educate themselves, but they are also demanding and expecting richer content experiences from the brands they are engaging.

Illustrating these trends, 67% of respondents said they rely even more on content than they did the year prior to research and inform purchase decisions. And when asked what type of content they consumed as they engaged with from vendors, respondents showed a growing preference towards more visual, engaging formats.

In the following report, we will provide a deep dive into the survey results, providing specific analysis into:

  • How content preferences have shifted to a higher preference in mobile-optimized content over the past 12 months;
  • The growing need for peer-to-peer content influence;
  • The most popular formats for early, middle and late stages of the modern buyer journey;
  • Top content formats buyers are sharing with peers and colleagues, and the key platforms they are using to share; and
  • The different types of content buyers are using at various stages of the buying journey

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