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Redstone Properties Re-Engages Real Estate Buyers With Nurturing

This article is part of the DemandGen 10 Awards 2009. See here for more info.

Land developer Redstone Properties wanted to take their demand generation efforts“to the next level” by implementing a more full-service marketing solution that easily optimized their marketing and customer relationship efforts.

RedstoneWilliamstown, MA-based Redstone used Genius to automate their marketing campaigns and send out offer-driven marketing emails. Each email highlights a specific property offering or sales event at one of Redstone’s regional offices. Local land consultants then receive instant alerts regarding prospect interest to these offers and the Redstone marketing team can track the offer’s effectiveness.

With, Redstone was able to go from email to close in a single day. Redstone had previously sold a 40-acre parcel that went into foreclosure and took it back and re-offered it at a phenomenal price. The Williamstown team sent out an email at 9am and at 3pm that same day one of the company’s Colorado land consultants picked up a check for the parcel.

Redstone Properties is seeing increased re-engagement from their lead nurturing efforts, selling to prospects that have been inactive for up to three years.  Before Genius, Redstone Properties would sell people in the first week or two that they were in their system and then consider them too cold to engage.  Now Redstone is generating 35% of their sales from people who have been in their system over 60 days.

On a recent campaign for the“specific offer on a specific location” marketing formula, Redstone saw a 30% open rate and a 17% click-through rate with single and multiple page views. A single email to Redstone prospects generated 660 interested leads, an especially impressive accomplishment in the current real estate environment.

With Genius, interested leads from Redstone’s email marketing efforts were automatically handed over from their marketing team to Redstone land consultants, which made the marketing team a hero to the consultants on the ground.  Redstone land consultants could stop “dialing blind” and focus their follow up and communications with people they knew were engaged. With real time visibility into email opens and prospect online behavior Redstone reps could focus additional time on those leads that were most likely to be productive.