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Accelerate The Buyer’s Journey With Always-On Nurturing

Traditional “one and done” nurture programs underperform because they don’t accommodate the engaged prospects who want to consume a lot of content in a short amount of time. That’s why more B2B marketers are turning to always-on nurturing to accelerate the buyer’s journey by turning a single click into engagement with the right combination of relevant content.

Join Nick Edouard, Co-founder and CMO of LookBookHQ, and learn how always-on nurturing can take your leads to customers more quickly, including:

  • How the on-demand era is changing the game for B2B marketers;
  • How to nurture, segment and score leads like a pro; and
  • How to tailor the experience with real-time personalization.


Nick Edouard
Co-Founder & CMO

Andrew Gaffney
Demand Gen Report



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