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Adding Predictive Marketing To Your Mix In 2015


By this point, you’ve heard the hype about predictive lead scoring, but is it something you should consider adding to your plan in 2015?

The key to getting value from this powerful new technology, is first understanding if it’s right for you and having a game plan for rolling it out and driving adoption once its deployed. This webinar will explore the business case for predictive marketing applications and look in-depth at the key use cases, possible pitfalls and keys to success for demand gen and marketing ops practitioners. Sirius Decisions will provide a glimpse into why marketers are adopting predictive scoring, how it compares to traditional scoring and what you should consider before you deploy.

We’ll also look under the hood at how the marketing team at Lattice Engines is using predictive scores for some creative, out of the box use cases and review some case studies for how to successfully adapt your marketing and sales process to a predictive scoring model and handle the subsequent change management.

Before you decide if Predictive Lead Scoring is right for you, attend this webinar and get the facts.


Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 2PM EST.


Kerry Cunningham
Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies

Elle Woulfe
Director of Demand Generation
Lattice Engines