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Adding Social Fuel To Demand Generation Programs

OD calendar templateThis webinar will demonstrate how sales and marketing leaders are adding social selling strategies to accelerate pipeline creation—including lead generation and qualification, and gaining access to multiple decision-makers.

The webinar will show how companies are using social selling to:

  • find and engage contacts at target accounts;
  • expand network of prospects by sharing relevant information with targeted groups;
  • better profile the right targets;
  • improve conversion rates and engagement by learning what prospects really care about, and;
  • accelerating close rates by getting access to the right executives.

Featured Speakers

• Koka Sexton, Sr. Social Marketing Manager, Linkedin
One of the most recognized social experts in the industry, Koka’s expertise extends beyond his endless knowledge of social networks into his skill at employing them to drive lead generation, create new opportunities, and engage customers.

• Andrew Gaffney, Founder and Editorial Director, Demand Gen Report
Covering best practices in lead generation and lead nurturing for more than six years, Andrew is a frequently referenced thought leader in the area of pipeline development. Andrew also helps B2B organizations develop socially-optimized content campaigns.




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