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It's The End of the Funnel As We Know It

OD calendar templateThe signs of change are everywhere. With the Salesforce acquisition of ExactTarget and Oracle’s acquisition of Eloqua, the lines between CRM and marketing automation are disappearing. At the same time the roles and expectations of sales and marketing teams are being re-written. 

Rather than simply driving and managing leads in the upper funnel, progressive companies are discovering a new hourglass model aimed at both accelerating customer acquisition and strengthening customer retention. 

For a look at the new model leading companies are using to manage and drive growth, tune into this exclusive webinar, which will explore how high growth B2B and B2C organizations are:

  • re-modeling their approach to their people, process and technology, and
  • developing new ways to measure and track the success of their customer acquisitions and retention models. 

Keep up with the rapidly changing sales and marketing landscape and make sure your teams are modeled for future growth and success.


David Lewis, CEO, DemandGen International

Andrew Gaffney, Editor of Demand Gen Report. 



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