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Staying on the Bleeding Edge of B2B Marketing: A C-Level Fireside Chat with Bizo and Eloqua

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5-7 calendar template The business buyer’s journey has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Prospects are educating themselves earlier in the buying process, and starting conversations with sales much later. As new approaches to reaching and nurturing audiences have grown more sophisticated, along with enabling technologies, what are the latest and most effective strategies that leading B2B marketers can best take advantage of to stay in front of their prospects and ensure their brands rise above the competition?

Join Sean Callahan, Editor of the Digital Marketing Remix, as he moderates a conversation between Russell Glass, CEO of Bizo, and Steve Woods, CTO of Eloqua. These industry executives will discuss where the “marketing technology stack” is headed and what today’s marketers can do to stay ahead of the game, including adopting “Always On” Marketing—a new approach to nurturing and unlocking the value of your prospect database.

Topics will include:

  • How the B2B buyer's journey has changed dramatically--and what marketers can do about it
  • The key components of successful display advertising and marketing automation campaigns that reach, nurture, and convert the right prospects
  • A look at the real-world success that savvy B2B marketers and agencies are achieving with display
  • What the future holds for B2B marketing on the "bleeding edge," including CRM Retargeting, Company Targeting, and more


  • Sean Callahan, Editor of the Digital Marketing Remix
  • Russell Glass, CEO of Bizo
  • Steve Woods, CTO of Eloqua




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