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New Benchmarks & Insights Into Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is not a new concept for marketers, but the tactics and benchmarks associated with lead nurturing are quickly evolving.

View this webinar to hear Jon Miller, VP and Co-Founder of Marketo, and Corinne Sklar, CMO and Digital Marketing Practice Lead of Bluewolf, discuss best practices for executing and measuring lead nurturing programs. Based upon recent research conducted by Demand Gen Report , attendees will gain insights into the benchmarks their nurturing efforts should be tracking against.

Join the webcast to learn:

  • Effective database segmentation
  • The importance of clean data
  • Tactics to balance content vs. sales efforts
  • Best practices for personalizing email content
  • When to move someone from one nurture program to another
  • How much email is too much





jon-miller cap roundJon Miller,
VP & Co-Founder,

jon-miller cap roundCorinne Sklar,
CMO & Digital Marketing Practice Lead,

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