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Buzz Building: 7 Steps to Social Media Marketing Success

Learn how to thrive in today’s social marketplace by creating compelling content, enabling fans to spread the word and monitoring social activity to gain deeper insights. Silverpop’s latest white paper offers 7 tactics for social media success. Download your copy today!

Reverse Engineering the Funnel: 3 Steps To Improve Pipeline Performance

High growth BtoB organizations are gaining a competitive edge by calculating exactly how their marketing investments will correlate to opportunities for the sales team and ultimately new revenue for the company. This white paper describes a new method for using historical data to develop a predictive model. Download Now.

The New Revenue Engine

Learn how leading B2B marketers are improving efficiency and effectiveness by building shared sales and marketing machines. Download “The New Revenue Engine” eBook for insights into best practices to:Ø Lower Customer Acquisition CostsØ Reduced Wasteful SpendingØ More Predictability in Sales Forecasts Ø Greater Pipeline Stability Download eBook.

A Roadmap to Seamless CRM Execution

Download this new eBook to learn how leading companies have increased sales by providing their sales force with information about customer trends, and also enhanced customer service by enabling the company to be more responsive to customer needs through the implementation or upgrade of customer management systems and processes. Download sample page here. The key areas covered in the paper…

Forrester Research: E-Signatures Q&A: Legalize It

Electronic signatures (e-signatures), with their roots in paperwork elimination initiatives, have been edging into greater prominence due to the greater regulatory, legal, and economic pressures that businesses in many industry verticals are feeling today. The need to shorten sales cycles and reduce turnaround times often runs headlong into the requirement to safeguard valuable transactions and the data associated with them.

Jump Start Your Marketing Automation Success

Your Marketing Automation Success Kit introduces you to the basics of marketing automation and includes information to help you find a solution that meets your specific marketing goals. You'll find handy checklists to help determine budgeting considerations, analyze your current lead generation strategy, and learn how marketing automation can take that plan to the next level. Download here.

B2B Marketing Optimization Secrets

In B2B marketing, the secret to getting the most out of your campaigns is to optimize continually — pre-click, post-click, and post-conversion. Download this white paper and learn how small changes can mean big differences to the success of marketing programs. Download here.

Forrester Research: Interactive Marketing Forecast 09 - 14

Acccording to Forrester’s March 2009 US Interactive Marketing Forecast Online Survey, interactive marketing will near $55 billion and represent 21% of all marketing spend in 2014 as marketers shift dollars away from traditional media and toward search marketing, display advertising, email marketing, social media, and mobile marketing. See below to download the full report and access the other insights that…

Bringing the Power of Marketing Automation To The Fortune 5,000,000

Many of the world’s largest corporations are now utilizing automation tools to analyze and track all of their online marketing activities. Contrary to popular belief, these tools are not limited to the Fortune 500 – download this complimentary white paper to learn how your company can take advantage of the same strategies that the top companies employ. Download Here.
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