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Adobe Unveils New Content Metrics For Marketing Cloud

Adobe logoAdobe unveiled a new dynamic tag management capability for Adobe Marketing Cloud to streamline the process for tagging content to be measured and optimized across web properties. The new functionality provides marketers flexibility and control to quickly implement digital marketing strategies, while reducing IT dependence, according to company officials.

Dynamic tag management supports both Adobe and non-Adobe tags. While currently available to all Adobe Marketing Cloud customers, in the future dynamic tag management will be extended to marketers using any digital marketing platform.


“As marketing tools become more sophisticated, the technical aspects of installing and managing them can grow considerably,” said John Mellor, VP of Strategy and Business Development for Adobe. “With dynamic tag management, we are making marketers’ day-to-day work easier and more effective by removing the pain from tagging content to be measured and optimized across industry solutions.”

Benefits to marketers include:

Improved site speed: Optimize loading of multiple analytics and marketing tags, proven to slow page loads.

Increased efficiencies: Reclaim time that was spent managing analytics and media tags.

Control and security: Develop and deploy tag strategies by collaborating with marketing, analysts and IT to recommend, test and deploy tags all within the new capability.

Enhanced Flexibility: Quickly test and optimize tags without being bound by release cycles.