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Why Marketing Operations Is The Secret Weapon To Strengthen Your Events Strategy

huddleston color 500x500Data means everything to today’s businesses. Market intelligence firm IDC predicted the amount of newly created data in 2020 would grow 44X to reach 35 trillion gigabytes. By 2018, we were already well on our way to exceeding that estimation. Numbers aside, this is to say that as the sheer amount of data humans create and deal with every day increases, it will only become more critical for today’s businesses to better manage and utilize that information efficiently in order to deliver the best possible experience.

B2B Ops Roles Expand Into Customer Experience Enablers To Streamline Revenue Engines

As operation teams’ responsibility in fueling the revenue engine continues to gain momentum within B2B organizations, individuals working in Marketing and Sales Ops will be tasked to grow their skillset beyond the tech focus. These newly developed skillsets will position teams to identify specifically how their company is driving revenue, as well as determine what needs to change to drive success.

Gartner: Ad Strategy Gains Focus As Research Shows Dropping Marketing Budgets

As marketing teams begin to develop their strategies for 2020, new research from Gartner has revealed that today’s CMOs are very optimistic about economic and budgetary outlooks. However, the research also shows that marketing budgets dropped below 11% of overall company revenue for the first time since 2014. Specifically, the Gartner CMO Spend Survey 2019-2020 indicates that budgets have dropped from 11.2% of overall company revenue in 2018 to 10.5% in 2019.

Playing “Musical Chairs” With Your Marketing Automation Platform Is Not A Solution To Your Scalability Problem

ed trans 228x300 2We’re often involved in sales engagements where the prospect has either recently changed their marketing automation platform or is considering a switch. Migration can be extremely costly — so why do it? Maybe it’s Oracle, Adobe and Salesforce battling for incremental market share in a saturated market. But more likely, it’s a sign of a more fundamental trend.

#B2BSMX Day 2: Customer Centricity, Digital Transformation Key Focuses For Businesses Rethinking Marketing Operations, Revenue Strategies

The challenges for CMOs in today’s B2B marketplace continue to multiply everyday as they struggle to promote digital transformation and customer-centricity to ultimately drive revenue. However, there has never been more opportunity for marketing to take a seat at the executive table as a respected business partner.

Adobe Summit 2019: Blurring B2B, B2C Lines In Tech Better Positions Marketers To Offer Epic, Frictionless Experiences

For years, B2B marketing has discussed the “consumerization” of the B2B buyer. However, technology specifically has continued to remain siloed as B2B or B2C point solutions. Adobe has shown that it is positioning itself as the cross-practice cloud ecosystem, especially with the acquisitions of Marketo and Magento, to drive digital transformation that meets buyer expectations of a frictionless, memorable experience.

Data, Strategic And Operational Skill Sets In High Demand As B2B Marketing Teams Pivot To Achieve Goals

B2B marketing leaders looking to grow their teams realize that they must adapt to meet the needs of their buyers — as well as exceed business goals. Research from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) shows that roughly 80% of marketing executives say they need to restructure marketing to better support the business, while 29% believe the need for change is urgent.

ChannelNet Unveils Updated SiteBuilder Platform To Streamline Marketing Operations

SiteBuilder, a SaaS platform from ChannelNet, aims to help marketing and sales teams streamline workflows and improve the customer experience.


SiteBuilder is designed to serve as a comprehensive B2B portal that can meet various business needs. It is positioned to provide a transparent flow of data, information and content from disparate systems to improve communication and collaboration between marketing and sales teams.

Additional features include:

  • Extensive user management controls based on job title and required access to data;
  • A customizable dashboard that can be configurable by user based on the importance of the data and information they want to view daily;
  • Management over content, events, workflow and more;
  • Email and website personalization based on customer attributes; and
  • Social media integrations.


ChannelNet is designed for corporate and marketing sales users, channel partners and other business customers.


The solution integrates with CRM, ERP and other systems.


Pricing is based on a monthly fee that covers hosting, services and support, as well as an initial set-up fee that varies based on the number of integrations and complexity a user requires.


Current users are in the automotive, financial services, home improvement and other industries.


SiteBuilder is designed as a turnkey solution that can help B2B businesses across a variety of needs, including improving internal communication, streamlining workflows and personalizing customer experiences.


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